Why a Side Hustle?

There are several reasons why one would want to acquire a side hustle. For the American hustlepreneur, the importance of a side hustle is paramount to success. Benefits include:

Additional $
Satisfy a hobby/passion
Be your bridge from your day job to your dream job
Helps to maintain focus and mental acuity through productive, concentrated work

When choosing a side […]

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Finding Success in Failure

Believe it or not, failure is a necessary component of success. Merriam-Webster defines failure as the “omission of occurrence or performance; lack of success; a falling short.” I define failure as a stepping stone to success; a learning experience; an opportunity to grow. I rather like my definition better.

As does Michael Jordan who was quoted […]

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Next Generation Hustle (Testimonials)

Video Testimonials from “MetEast High School” students who wanted to share their thoughts on how HU$H MONEY CLOTHING, THE BLACK WALL STREET TOUR & YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL HONIE inspired them to pursue a path in Entrepreneurship.

Produced By : Preme & B
Video Shot & Edited By Ray Valdez
Background Music : Mic Rob – Change The World

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Let Your Hustle Lead

On your path to success, opportunities will arise that exist on a detour. Back in my twenties, I wanted to become a singer/model/actress/writer. I hooked up with a talent agent in Trenton, NJ by the name of Ros Clancy. She trained me well and got me a job as a magician’s assistant. I declined.  Yes, […]

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HUSH MONEY CLOTHING @ The Westchester, New York Sneaker Expo

Live footage of the Hush Money Clothing team making noise at the Westchester, NY Sneaker Expo. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and showed love, including hip-hop legend Jadakiss! If you like the video, please share and subscribe!

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