There are several reasons why one would want to acquire a side hustle. For the American hustlepreneur, the importance of a side hustle is paramount to success. Benefits include:

  • Additional $
  • Satisfy a hobby/passion
  • Be your bridge from your day job to your dream job
  • Helps to maintain focus and mental acuity through productive, concentrated work

When choosing a side hustle; keep the following in mind. Choose something that has more benefit than cost. You wouldn’t take a job delivering papers at 3 AM two towns away, just to rush to your day job and exhaust your gas tank in the process. Being that it is a side hustle, and not your main source of income, make it fun! Money is not the only thing in life that can make you rich. Experiences are priceless. Choose a side hustle that will give you an enriching experience. Taste the Hustle, Enjoy the Hustle, Live the Hustle!